Science & Social Change Studio

The "Science & Social Change Studio" (UNXP-001) is offered during the spring semester. In this hands-on studio-based course, students will implement programs, products, and policies in the real world that they have designed in project-based courses from a previous semester. This course teaches actionable innovation by equipping students to apply problem-solving skills to complex global challenges.

In this course, students will implement a product developed in an earlier course into a real world company, process or policy. Students successfully completing this course will learn to:

  • manage a real-world project
  • articulate goals and purpose in both written and oral format
  • work as a team
  • establish meaningful metrics
  • set realistic timelines and milestones and meet internal and external deadlines
  • develop and direct all project components such as budgets and schedules
  • monitor current events in the topic area of their project and assess the implications on their work throughout the semester
  • work with diverse stakeholders, document feedback and adjust their project design appropriately.